Monday, September 28, 2015

Civilization Vs Humanity

Actually both words have been misappropriated and used to equate collectivism.  The old switcheroo that if we are civilized we don't need guns for instance.  For the sake of humanity disarm ad nauseum.  I'd like to look at these words head to head.

Responsibility, another twisted word comes to mind.  Well, anything can be turned around to fit the collectivist matrix.  Don't let that stop you from truthfully using words. 

Civilization seems to mean a structured state with people answerable to whomever is in charge.  It has gotten away from accumulated culture, law and morals in favor of whatever the state says cultural, historical or moral.

Humanity is a tearjerker bleeding heart word meant to trigger thoughtless emotion.  We are meant to have conscience.  But we must see things as they truly are.  Evil hides in good intentions. 

Real civilization balances what we've learned with what we need/want to do.  Learning from mistakes, we strive to seek Freedom and Restore the Republic.  THAT'S civilization.

Real humanity indeed is heart.  Loving , caring and a willingness to fight for what's good and decent.

Head vs heart?  Or do we balance these?   Do we turn around hijacked terms and hold (not cling) to light?

It can be cold state versus decency, tyranny opposed to Liberty.

Or they can comprise a double edged sword which cuts through the red tape, the miasma of doubt and fear.

It is an opportunity to face ourselves and others.

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