Thursday, October 29, 2015


It is not a combo name re Muffy and the German Mutti (mommy).

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is the Sunni Muslim cleric in charge of Jerusalem's holy places, including the Al Aqsa mosque.  The position has since 2006 been held by Muhammad Hussein.

Benjamin Netanyahu has come under fire, as it were, for pointing out an historical truth.  During the WW2 era, that GM, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, was allied with the Nazis.  He encouraged Hitler etal to eliminate the Jews of Europe. 

Hitler had a policy of deportation.  The Mufti said it was not enough.  When asked what they should do, Mufti said, ''Burn them''.

The presstitutes (my new fave word of derision) of course have castigated him for telling the truth.  It's all part of cultural Marxism's rewriting of history.

Now, the current insane cleric says the Temple Mount ever housed the Jewish Temple.  Again, collectivism, and that's what Islam is, steals and usurps. 

''Perhaps Islamic hatred of all other religions stems from the reality that Islam so little resembles a real religion — one that promotes life and the good. So they must falsify and extinguish all other belief systems.''  Pamela Geller

Destabilization is one of the oldest tricks these mokes, including Marxists, Nazis, Islamists, wield to force the world into one horrible tyranny.

I'm not an Islamophobe.  I'm not afraid of them.  They must be stood up to.  Those who want a one world government are using them as a battering ram and fulcrum to utilize fear, just as the Mufti's old allies, National Socialists, did to try conquering the world. for further narrative.

I challenge Muslims of good conscience to denounce and depose the insane who are leading the world into a blood bath.  Hello.............

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