Saturday, June 27, 2015


It has many names.  The Civil War, American Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, The Second American Revolution, The Second War of Independence.

I like the last one myself.  A group of American states Constitutionally withdrew from a voluntary union, forming their own country.  Guess this makes me a Southern sympathizer to many.  Call me anything but late to dinner.  I'm on the side of Liberty.

As usual, I'm not going into great detail here.  Search and you will find various sources as to the causes of 1861-1865.  Books and dissertations are filled with it, even the more obscure.  Let's face it, to go for historical fact, you have to dig, because a lot is covered up or sidelined.

And everything I say can be jumped on by the collectivist swarm.  They've been quite busy Alinskyan trolling of late, even more than usual.  There is an attempt to pompously/haughtily refute anything but the prescribed demonization of the South.  Isolated facts play a big part.  These mokes minimalize if they can't sideline or eliminate.

Ragging on a flag is for the creation of hysteria.  Mob mind says it's bad, so eliminate it.  There are even brazen attempts to compare the Confederacy with Nazis.  It's all about control and not letting the right hand know what the left is doing as it were.

Look round for this.  As you know, Marx was still blighting the planet with his life at that time.  He was a fanboy of Lincoln.  Marxists backed the North.  There were Marxists in the Union government.

The commies saw the Confederacy as a threat.  My theory is that, having Constitutionally seceded, there was more danger in those who followed their consciences than the statists up north.

Instead of the split being ably exploited, the commies wanted a union which could be manipulated as a juggernaut to destroy from within.

No wonder the Marxist occupier of the Oval Office and his comrades demonize acts of Liberty.

Was Lincoln a Marxist?  I think he sympathized.

And the result of that War set us on a course for Federal supremacy.

Will history repeat itself?  Success or secession?


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