Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You First

I think a trip into the fantastic is just what the mad doctor ordered.  Although, the collectivists are quite busy dancing a jig or jiggery pokery recently.  He who laughs last laughs best.

I'm reminded of a horror movie called Bless the Child.  It's about a child with special powers who is a gift of Light to the world.  Of course the darkside aka satan and its minions are jealous and search for the girl, in hopes of corrupting her and turning her to evil.

Care is taken in research and behavior re the villains, as well as the forces of good.  The main minion is a former child star who has started a cult for self enlightenment.  It is a cover for an inner core of Satanists spreading darkness and the delusional hope (and change? -s-) the devil will conquer Creation.

Stay with me here.  I think the symbolism is significant in what we call reality.

The child is raised by her aunt when the mother, a junkie, abandons her.  The kid seems autistic, but she is actually 'in another place' as it were and starts exhibiting gifts of levitation and most importantly healing.

When she turns six, the mother returns to reclaim her.  She is in the company of the cult leader.  They end up kidnapping the girl.  Desperate, the aunt turns to an FBI specialist in the occult.  He states that the leader is quite suspect but, because of money and influence, remains untouchable.  Btw, sound like anyone we know?

Along the way, the aunt tries to grab the kid back.  She ends up in a car dangling from a bridge.  A stranger appears and gets her to take his hand, rescuing her just as the car careens and bursts into flame.  This stranger disappears.

Similarly, the agent is frustrated investigating a string of child kidnappings, tortures and murders.  These are actually vain attempts by the evil ones to locate the special child.  He sits at his desk, rater dejected, when a janitor comes into the room.  As he cleans up, he reinstills hope (obviously the good kind) in the agent.  As he leaves he tells the agent that 'good people are never alone'.  On the windowsill, a bouquet of wilted lilys are amazingly fresh again.

There are various attempts to corrupt the girl while she's in the clutches of the Satanists.   She manages to always turn the tables on them. At one point, frustrated, the leader takes her to the roof of their townhouse.  He tells her the story of Jesus confronted by the leader's 'god' or master who tempts Him several times.  One is the story of telling Jesus to leap from the mountain and that angels would rescue him.  Instead of explaining further, he tells the girl to jump from the building, that surely her God would rescue her.  He brags that his god would help her if she refused.

She turns, sits on the ledge and says, 'you first'.  This enrages him and he almost flings her over, but realizes his master would be displeased.

Eventually there is a showdown between the Angels and satan.  The Angels win and the child rescued.  I recommend this flick no matter what you believe.  It illustrates quite well the nature of good and evil.

Back to the rooftop.  By saying 'you first' a six year old child outsmarts fiendish cleverness.  The pomp and pride of hell is vanquished by a child who is wise and loving.

I believe as do many who may read this, that there are levels of existence beyond what we see.  Specifically Body, our physical bodies, Mind, our thoughts, who we are, Psyche, God's imparting spiritual wisdom and of course Spirit, our immortal souls.

You don't have to agree.  But, think about what's going on.

We are in a war between good and evil.  It is evidenced by the attempted destruction of our Republic and our work to bit by bit Restore it.

We are tempted to either throw in the towel, rage on or to overcome. 

We can turn the tables on our enemies.  Their pride, so evident right now, is their downfall.

Destruction?  Yes.  Theirs 

Be calm smile and say 'you first'.

And remember, good people are never alone.

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