Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I remember the sonograms produced by ultrasound of the kids.  Quite impressive this technology.  It's also awe-inspiring and heartfelt.  I've got those pics of the kids inside their Mom tucked away, but look at them occasionally.

The sound of the ultrasound picks up the fetal heartbeat.  Young life, growing, developing to birth and beyond.  From that, to now, the kids grown and off on lives of their own. 

I suggest you consider heartbeats.  Without getting too outre, they are endemic and central to life.  Each beat, from before birth, to the very last, keeps time with the actions and dealing for all of us.

Of course, I don't worry about those beats.  I'm gonna live til I die.  And God willing, with care taken, for a while more -s-.

The beat goes on.  The beat of life.  It's not a doomsday clock.  It's to be lived while we may.

All lives matter.


teacher said...

Draw one's own conclusions. Storytelling.

Mike H said...

The end of the story is in our hands.

Mr Softee said...

This could be pro or anti something.

Mike H said...

If you follow this blog, you know where my 'sympathies' lie. We either care for Freedom or tyranny. Or through indifference wither.