Thursday, July 30, 2015

Star Wars

Quite an emotional romp.  Including all 6 episodes, it is a thrillride with a message in the ravioli.

It incorporates the beginning, slow descent and acquiescence to evil with an eventual upswing, of Anakin Skywalker.  Many other substories interweave, but this is the central thread.

Good and evil wind their ways through daily lives in quiet and dynamic ways.  It is often the subtler orchestrations which build the symphonies rather than the crescendos.  Sometimes things remain hidden or obscured.  Often that is the way of evil.  Or it presents itself as something benevolent.  We can look around our current state of affairs and see this.

The whole course of Anakin's life is beset with more drama than seemingly ordinary.  The focus is portrayed by the good and evil Jedi and Sith respectively.

I'm not going to do a treatise on all this.  There is enough out there.  Just search and you will find.

I am interested in this dilemma Anakin faces increasingly.  What happens essentially is youthful ignorance is embroiled in more and more confusion til there is a tipping point.  He finally believes the lie that evil can fix what's wrong. 

Darth Sidious, the main Sith monster, lies and uses half truths to work his darkness.  Pretty familiar to what really happens n'est pas?  He wears Anakin down til the kid will swallow about anything.  Has a familiar ring too, huh?

The Jedi or good guys are at fault too.  They represent order and peace but are wrapped up in their own ideological struggles.  It blinds them to what's going on.

One of the major problems in life is to balance head and heart.  We need both to function.

Often, collectivists rely on emotion coupled with lies and half truths.

Those of us who oppose them and especially seek Restoration of the Constitutional Republic, use logic and facts to make our stand.

Without logic, emotion is eventually shown to cave from the weight of lies.  Without emotion or the brushfires in the mind, logic can dry up. 

So, emotion spurs us, using logical facts that are irrefutable.

Of course, the 'darkside' tries constantly to compromise that.  It is constant, unremitting war (if not in the stars).

Lesson?  Focus and learn, especially from those knowledgeable in balance.  Stay in the now and proceed.

Whatever else, Star Wars gives food for thought about what goes on in the real world.

Maybe we can achieve balance and victory over Darth Oblivion and his cohorts.

Evil is shortsided in spite of its Fabian patience.

Good mustn't think it's moving ahead when it actually bogs down.

Stay focused padawans apprentices -s-) and use both science and faith to achieve victory.

It won't be maybe or if we do so.  But when.


teacher said...

An empty vessel must be filled.

Qui Gonson said...

I'd be a Grey Jedi.

Mike H said...

So would I.

jedi fred said...

Moral relativism.

syd sith said...

Cultural Marxist Sith

Isaiah said...

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.........