Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Armed Defense

Naturalized citizens will no longer be required to take up arms in defense of their new country.  It's been stricken from the oath.

An oath of allegiance is there for a purpose.  For those who come from radically different lands, it is an opportunity to declare they are now Americans.  With the rights inherent with citizenship come responsibilities. 

I smell redundancy.  As citizens, we are all required to serve.  It might be the work of our daily lives.  But in times of strife/war, it must be more. 

We already had allowance for conscientious objectors.  What the USCIS 'ruling' does is give anyone a free pass, no affiliation needed.  'Um uh I don't wanna fight'.  Um uh that's bs. 

Yes there are many ways to serve.  As in WW2, there were noncombatant jobs and a boat load of factory etc service.  We can fight in different ways.  The actual combat branch of a service is just one part of the whole.  Yet, they all are prepared to go the limit and beyond ie, pick up a gun and shoot.

How many of the gimme illegal aliens will fight?  Some, yes have actually enlisted to develop skills they will and have used against us as in gang activity.  There are always seditionists.

Of course, this is just another incremental step in literally disarming us.  It dissolve resolve and rots from within.

Speak up and out about this.

Armed defense requires the last vestige of courage and duty.

Be ready.

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