Friday, July 31, 2015


No, not the black flecks that dance around the eyes.  I'm thinking of thoughts/memories that come floating to the top.

Occasion presented itself to recall some experiences I had while doing theater in Indianapolis.

I got a lot of 'basic training' in acting and other aspects of theater.  Many of the times there were good.  Some were not.

It stands to reason that not everything is rosy.  And I believe we learn from all things.  That includes malicious treatment which was deliberate and vengeful.

This is no 'woe is me' harangue.  I'll get to that in a minute.

I had participated in a production, having been brought in at the last minute.  It seemed ok, but underneath was different.

The director/teacher was autonomous and bullied her cast.  She expected far too much from a bunch of kids who were supposed to be learning the craft.  Instead of nurturing them and seeking each person's potential, this was the sickening course taken.

I said no one should endure that carping and nitpicking plus threat of bad grades if they didn't do what she said.  I was met with cowed silence.

One of the director's toadies ratted on me as it were.  Unbelievable.  A tattletale in a college production.  Mind you I was brought in from outside, so I wasn't affected by any of it.  Except I was indirectly.

I was being paid for my work and consultation.   This harpy tried to withhold my pay, citing a snag in funds.  I knew it wasn't so.

It got so bad, I demanded the money or I'd walk.  I was paid and let go.  Good riddance I figured.

Shortly after, I continued auditioning for local productions.  I never got another part in anything locally.  I knew better than thinking my acting was the equivalent of road kill.  I'd been successful to a degree and had a good rep.  Plus I worked with the best Indy had.

The downside had actually begun before the above incident.

As with most things, there were cliques among the theater people.  Some were very shall we say loyal to their particular favorites.  There were plenty who, as amateurs were happy to stay that way.  That's all well and good.  I wasn't

I expressed my desire to do more, learn more and travel, becoming professional.

This rankled some who liked to be big ducks in small ponds.  I thought ok whatever.  But they resented ambition.  And they joined the bandwagon when I was blacklisted as a result of the previously mentioned production/incident.

The director/teacher was influential locally.  I discovered pressure was applied and all acquiesced to bar me.

There was a particular exception.  I was hired for a show which featured several professionals.  It was an opportunity again to learn.  While I did indeed add to my artistic knowledge, I learned how petty and spiteful some can be.

I had never been more mistreated in my life.  It was deliberately malicious and actually multileveled.  The conduct was unprofessional and unbecoming for those in the craft.  I stuck it out, in spite of efforts to pressure me to quit.

My personal and professional fortitude won out.  Plus I made a positive impression on a particular cast member and that flouted the ne'er-do-wells. 

This is no boohoo fest.  Weathering the storm of petty jealous people has made me stronger and spurred me to learn more and to meet and learn from folks like Pat McGoohan and Bob Wise.

The petty, the spiteful, the misery loves company crowd have to live with themselves.  I don't.  Forgive aka let go and don't let it eat me up was the order of the day.

The parallels between ths and what is happening to our Liberty is obvious. 

Rise above those who seek to defame you simply because you literally and figuratively stick (not cling -s-) to your guns.  Shout out what's right even though to quote John Wayne's Davy Crockett, 'you might get walloped for saying it'.

Collectivists, often following Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, are past masters at derision and aspersions.  Be steadfast and counter with the truth.

Nothing says misery loves company more than these enemies of Freedom.

And btw, guess what kind of people politically/socially those negative folks were whom I encountered -s-?


Great Caesar's Ghost said...

Better than Bertha Better'n Yous.

Mike H said...

Better to do what is right.