Sunday, June 28, 2015

Black Confederates

Did they exist?  Or must we swallow collectivist revision and, according to one report, there were only two documented soldiers.  Hmmm.  I've read estimates of up to 100,000.  Most say at least 65,000.

Remember, government tends to be overweaning.  Collectivists like to emphasize proslavery quotes of that time to 'prove' the 2nd War of Independence was racist.  They deemphasize Lincoln's etal racism.  Remember, the Marxists were prounion.  As stated in 'Dixie', I contend the Marxists had a better chance at subversion if the Union were more statist.  The Confederacy was a throwback to the original Constitutional intent.  Therefore, it behooved the new growing cancer to spread up North.

Mentioning ANY black participation, particularly freemen, was detrimental to the subversion sought then and now.  Blacks were useful tools to progress Marxist views.  As Lincoln was a working class hero to Marx, the oppression of slaves worked for commies.

We suffer from the mistakes of our past.  But when we view, warts and all, the intent and destiny of these united States, when we see how far we have come, E Pluribus Unum makes sense.  It is the antithesis of collectivism.  Individuals remain so, coming together for a common purpose ie to promote and live in Liberty.  Collectivists worship the state,  All is focused there.  No wonder Marx was a Lincoln fanboy.

Broad brushing history is a social crime.  It's done by many to drive home their mindset, goals, etc.  As I always caution, people are more easily controlled when fractious, in factions.  Eradicating the Confederate Battle Flag, destroying Confederate monuments and digging up, displacing Confederate heroes lead only to perpetuation of antipathy.  The collectivists love it.

You might wonder why they didn't make more of the split of the states.  Well they did.  By backing the North, they knew statism would be assured.  It is the breeding ground for collectivism, like a Petri dish of malignant oppression.

If the exploited get kicked to the curb, aka black Confederates and blacks in general, well as long as the goal of worldwide communism is achieved, sobeit.  Foster enmity amongst the winners, losers and the people caught in the middle.  And assassinate a president, all the while demonizing the other.

Am I contending Marxists might have had something to do with Lincoln's death?  Well, they certainly benefitted, along with those who wanted unlimited state power.

Think and pray for the black Confederates.  Pray and act for all of us who wish to destroy collectivism and Restore the Republic.

As for coming together 'as a new nation', we have yet to completely achieve that.

It might be the outcome our enemies will bring about, in spite of their efforts to do otherwise.

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