Monday, June 29, 2015


No, not the guy on cheers or Morn on Deep Space Nine.  Normality.  I will surely catch holy or unholy hell from some for this.

Norm is widespread, usual practice, way of doing things etc.  Heterosexuality is a norm for instance.  This will leave me open to scorn by many a collectivist.  So, what's new?

I'm not here to condone nor condemn 'gays'.  I am merely stating they exist, around 2%.  Always have probably always will.

I will tell you, as with any group, be it sexual, racial (they are different things in spite of attempts to equate gays with blacks) or otherwise, there are good, evil and in between.  There are homosexuals who are Freedom minded, as there are those who seek the goals of collectivism.  As for sin, we all have done. 

Homos (short for those not derisive) are exploited by collectivists, string pullers, true believers or those closer to the elite, just as are certain religions, religions, races.

The latest dust up is an example of this.  Radical gays will use any excuse to attack and destroy Christianity in particular.  There are always those who wish to lord it over others.

That is a collectivist trait, belying a supposed 'classless' society.  That 'classless' will never happen, no matter the type of society formed.  If you like, the Bertha better'n yous are endemic of fallen nature.

Content of character is one of the most important qualities for a Republic to survive or revive.  What the collectivists hope for is division, with acceptance forced on all.  Also, the chaos that's ensuing makes these mokes giddy with glee.  They hate true free will unity.  Communism etc cannot survive in a healthy, truthful society.

Back to the point.  The norm is heterosexuality.  Men and women are literally made and wired that way.  I'll be labelled a 'hater' for telling this simple truth.  Taking a stand for Liberty has already drawn attention from, shall we say, quite a motley crew.

I'm not going into nature vs nurture nor anything about condemnation.  We each must find our way.  I'll get pelted by some religious folks for this.

Look what's going on re courts making law.  THAT'S abnormal!

Fight subversion with truth, being true to the Constitutional Republic.

That's the norm.

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