Monday, December 28, 2015

Opposing Opposites

I'm constantly reminded Of what David Codrea says about progressives/liberals/collectivists.  For them, every day is Opposite Day.

Sometimes it's a 'for me not for thee' mindset.  Other days it's simply being caught in the lies and half truths endemic to collectivism.  Their goal is simple.  They wish to control, using change by pc methods to intimidate us all.

The hope is to install fear.  It might be fear of expulsion, of being 'unmutual' (nod to The Prisoner).  Could be fear of punishment if hate crimes and vocabulary specific laws get on the books.  Peer pressure for being labeled something repulsive surely ties in. 

Of course, the collective mind labels, trying to turn the tables on us.

Don't buy it.  Do the opposite of opposition.  Use good sense because they won't.  Their goal is to impose, with a foothold, so that eventually they may do whatever they want.  Thus, if in power, they can easily say 'orange is green' and the people swallow it for fear of reprisals.  And if they are in control, it won't be a slap on the wrist.  It will mean at least fine, maybe imprisonment.  At most, it will result in execution.

We see, where collectivism takes hold, these very things.

We can still oppose the opposers.  If we focus and draw attention to what they do, we may yet stop them.

Otherwise, we will live in chains.  It begins with words and ends with actions.

For Freedom/Liberty lovers, every day is say and do exactly what you mean day. 


teacher said...

Orange is green. I Spy?

Mike H said...

Yes. Little Boy Lost.