Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creeping Joy

Sounds like an October post or a short story by yours truly.  Well it could be.  it could be negative or positive.

Our enemies are rolling ahead, literally funded by people supposedly chosen to stop them.  They have turned out to be just as evil.

Imagine a dark evil being, standing at a tomblike castle window, arms raised, embracing the evil that spawned it.  Its ghoulish grin grows wide, venom dripping sharp teeth glistening in the greenish moonlight.  The eyes, like two bottomless pits, seem to suck in all life, all light.  Its claws extend and grasp , dreaming of triumph.

Perhaps I'm a bit overly dramatic lol.  Or not.  Evil does disguise itself as surface good, all the while rotting the very substance of being.

There is indeed an inverted joy among collectivists.  They think they're winning.  It is the ignorance of arrogance and the arrogance of ignorance born of pride.  They forget how it comes before the fall.

I'm not saying it's any easier just because we seek Liberty.  It never has been.  It is a road fraught with pain, blood, tears and death.  Yet in the midst of it all, the Light grows; a creeping dawn.  If you are Restoration, you sense it even if you don't see it.

There is still a stumbling block-The Bill of Rights and something greater.  It is the will of the People to be Free, born of the God given rights enumerated there.  When will enough be enough?

It's a question both Good and evil ask.

This coming year will be like no other.

This time next year, we will see what has crept or rolled along.

I look forward to that 48th blog entry.


teacher said...

Bill Whittle said 'America wasn't designed to be safe. America was designed to be free.

Ready Freddy said...

It will be more than a creep and the roll might be a juggernaut.

Mike H said...

A busy thoroughfare.