Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Collectivism is based on lies.  It has to be, since it will not work otherwise and certainly doesn't work when installed.  The lies  and purging just keep building.

I like the word ringer.  The Merriam-Webster definition: one that enters a competition under false representations (2) :  imposter, fake.

Ringers a bell huh?  We are rampant with ringers.

It is important to study collectivism in all aspects.  How they use situations at one end and the other to squeeze results, to agitate and factionalize.  It is easier to control people when they are divided.

Ringers.  People who are not what they seem.  Leaders who do not lead or at least lead in the wrong direction.  Playing on emotion, they hope you don't notice the fakery.

Ringers.  Organizations whose purpose is to perpetuate themselves and further collectivist mission.  Likewise, look carefully how they word their communiques.  Selective use of words to keep people from thinking and fooling them into 'thinking' they are at least doing something.

Ringers.  Sock puppets for a very exclusive club.  Oh to be one of them or at least be in their favor.  That is the groupie mindset for those who do the bidding of what is called the 'elite' or those who would possess all power, who seek to control for its own sake.  It's a heady drug, encompassing body, mind, spirit.  And it's shared with the underlings, doled out to keep the simple dangling.

Look behind the riots.  See what's revealed past the policies.  Think for yourselves. 


MKII said...

'It's a heady drug, encompassing body, mind, spirit. And it's shared with the underlings, doled out to keep the simple dangling.'

Reminds me of giving a dog treats, save that dogs are loved and cared for. Their is no love or concern for the sock puppets (as you call them). They are used then thrown away.

Mike H said...