Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blind History

'There are none so blind as those who will not see.'  Attributed to Matthew Henry, it is quoted all over and there are variations Biblically, in song and elsewhere.  It is used by many different political and social persuasions.

The quote comes to mind as a line in Everything is Beautiful by Ray Stevens.  Interesting song re tolerance, brotherhood etc.

I had two very different Grandfathers.  One, my maternal, lived with us.  He was stoic but kindly and honest.  The other, my Dad's Dad, was petty, conniving, selfish.  My Dad was raised, btw, by my GreatGrandmother and Great Aunt and Great Uncle.  They were of the same good ilk, producing loving, caring, wisdom, balance.

Frank (I never call him Grandpa) just loved that song.  He'd sit and keep time to it, nodding to the words and music.

At the same time, he was an example of what the song despised.  Among his negative qualities, racial prejudice evidenced itself.

He frequently used the 'n' word and I was flabbergasted at his stupidity.

He apparently saw no problem with his negativity and enjoying that song.  The opening line of this post went right over his head.

So it is with many.  They pick and choose what they accept, either glossing over facts or excising them re history and all the events which lead to it every day. 

My son is a history major intent on the military then teaching.  We have frequent discussions about historical events.  We exclude nothing and prefer a 'warts and all' approach, history in toto.

That can be uncomfortable and I'm reminded of why many are blind.  As well as that mentioned above, many exhibit cognitive dissonance.

My point is you can't make people see.  But you might point the way so they will think for themselves.

Beware that outcropping of blind history ie cult of personality.  It leads many a follower off a cliff.

Instead, remember we are all human and we, in spite of faults, strive to do better.  We seek to reestablish Liberty, calling on the best we can be.

Take off the blinders and see warts and all.

I'm not afraid to mention the above family skeleton.  I suggest the same for all personally, nationally and worldwide.


youcantoocan said...

That song is just too 'kumbaya' for me.

Mike H said...

I was going for the piquant contrast.

nonono said...

Everything is NOT beautiful in its own way.

Mike H said...

No it's not.