Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spring Breakers

Why am I posting about a movie featuring drug dealers/gunrunners, gangbanger, wayward college girls and general debauchery during Spring break in Florida?  I promised I'd watch it.  Hmmm.

Three college girls with a chronic drug problem rob a restaurant to finance a trip to Panama City for Spring break.  Joined by a straighter laced friend they go.

Lotsa footage of the usual drinking, sex drugs, destruction that goes on.

They attend a party with lotsa coke.  Get arrested.

They are bailed by 'Alien', a local white rapper/banger/dope dealer/gun runner.

The straightest girl bails after meeting Alien's gangbanger buds.

Another girl gets winged in a driveby and books.

The other chicks stay and get it on with him in a pool etc.

Then they raid the drug kingpin's giant trap house. 

Alien gets killed and the girls off a bunch of thugs and the head honcho, taking off in his Lamborghini.

Telling their folks it was a good trip and they discovered themselves, they drive into the sunset or something.

Ok.  I did some wild stuff years ago.  I've been to some 'wild' parties and some bars/situations I was lucky to get out uninjured.

Nostalgia even for stupidity has its place.  But this was gross.

At least the druggers got offed.  Good riddance in fiction as it should be in fact.

Finding out you are psychopathic stinks.

Acting was interesting and I say that as an actor.  Some of the girls were shedding their kiddie Disney image and I understand that.

Paying dues is to be expected and I hope for better for them.

But with all the pain and evil the druggers do and bring in real life and all the evil we witnessed on the neareastside, I can do without the fiction.

Drugs money hos soundtrack sucked.

Advice to would be copycats:  Don't come into a restaurant or street rob folks.  Too many are armed and your bikini clad cute butts will get shot.

The end could lead to a sequel.  My suggestion is following the girls in their post college careers as liberal pundits/politicians lol.

OTOH a story about a guy who hitches around and meets two babes in a convertible.  Hmm.  Did it really happen?  I am a gentleman and will never tell lol.


Mike H said...

No. I'm not psychopathic lol. I meant the girls seemed to find that out re themselves.

He Who Walks Behind The Cornrows said...

The girls look great in their bikinis

Mike H said...


Jeepers Creepers said...

What's this got to do with Freedom?

Mike H said...

Whada ya think? We are free to express ourselves. But the excess that's tearing us apart is beyond the pale.

Dizzy X Disney said...

Vanessa Hudgens is hot.

Mike H said...

And talented. Give her time. We will see.

Papa Popo said...

I know real hookers more talented.

Mike H said...

Perhaps. There are some with hearts of gold.

Kissimmee Kane said...

Geez. All this stuff in reaction. With important issues like the decline of the Republic, it must be insomnia.

Mike H said...

Give me a spring break KK.