Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update And IQ Shuffle

So Brandon Nabors does eight in the Westville Correctional Facility.  He can get out in three if he's a good lil perp.  He's the main thug who jumped me.  Shaquille Carter got four and Elliot Johnson seems to have skated.

The charge of carrying a handgun without a license would have been another year for Nabors but was suspended.


Now I await the pleasure of our new centurions for the return of my property.  After filling out a brief form, I was finger printed (!) and told whenever they get to it.  It's usually 2-3 weeks.  Of course this is all bs..

Monday 7/1 is 3 actual weeks.  I intend to contact the appropriate people within our intrepid department and start a 'paper' trail to ensure I actually get my gun, mags and ammo back.

And yes this is beating a dead horse: If I could go back I'd have stopped the threat.  It would have stopped these s**** from hurting others as well.  I would have had to turn the gun in for evidence but I would most probably have gotten it back sooner.

And if they drag their feet, I will have my lawyer get after them.  Details will remain a nice legal surprise.

A footnote to the Dirty Undies post of the other day:  I've mentioned several times about almost becoming a cop.  Well, it seems standards have changed along with everything else.  Or have they?  -s-

Hmm.  I can assure you all IQ was not an issue lol.  I simply didn't do it. 

There are other stories out their.  Type in police iq in a search engine and see for yourself.

Doesn't it figure that with all the dumbing down of students that this would be an obvious course of action?  Less imagination and more likely to obey.  Yeah.  Put your mind or IQ on hold and do what you're told.

Cops and military I've known and know seem pretty bright to me.  Make of the report what you will.  It's just food for thought and I found it interesting in light of my post.

To be honest I think IQ is relative, though obviously there are limits/divisions.  It's what you do with what you've got that counts.  And how one's mind is manipulated is the bottom line.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Rest assured I'll update this crappola tango.


D Copper said...

What can one expect? Glad I got out when I did.

D Copper said...

Remind me not to send the guys Xmas cards.

Papa Popo said...

You know what your contacts said and you know the Property Room track record. Keep an eye on em.

Cary Black said...

'What is this a daisy chain' Walter Abel's character in Holiday Inn.

teacher said...

Good old fashioned bureaucratic red tape. Why son, it's for your own good. -s-

Mike H said...

I hope it's not like Hazel in Cannery Row, worrying and walking in a circle making a ditch. At least Hazel was simple but good. Ohoh IQ again lol.

teacher said...

Well Hazel remembered everything he was told but had trouble making sense of it. Thus are we not all Hazels in this encroaching police state? Not IQ wise but in the sense that the state and its agents are the dim ones bogging us down in this hoop jumping.

Mike H said...

CORRECTION: Nabors got a year of probation for the gun charge.