Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finger Guns

In the sick dangerous world of education nowadays, among other zero tolerance affronts, a kid was kicked out for playing with a finger gun.  You might remember, though there were toy guns aplenty once, we would improvise with sticks and yes our fingers, usually extended forefinger and thumb up.  Depending on the 'design' (lol) the finer would bend or the thumb would fall along with shouts of 'bang, bang'.

Zero tolerance is lack of common sense of course.  It helps condition the masses for encroaching collectivism.

This tidbit was on my mind when someone on Facebook mentioned the 'n' word and someone sanctioned for using it.  I didn't bother to find out the details and I probably should.  But the whole point to me is simple.  A lot of people do a lot of things behind closed doors.  For weal or woe, they use a lot of words not spoken in public conversations.  They may gesticulate as well.  Where does pc policing end?

We may in the privacy of our homes say and do things we would never do or state outside.  Chalk it up to blowing off steam.

I hope in public places, such as this blog, we may all criticize those threatening our Republic.  We must be responsible and I further hope we are specific and offer solutions that are appropriate.

***** is a poopyhead just doesn't cut it.  But to call someone traitor must be backed up with facts.  I think most folks at least with whom I associate, do an excellent job in that regard.

Facts stick out like a sore thumb.  We call to the carpet those who should rightfully be brought to book.  And as the list is almost endless, I'll leave you to fill it in lol.

Lord help my GreatGrandmother if she were still here.  She used to say certain people weren't worth the powder to blow themselves up.  She'd probably get the Secret Service visiting her house on Main Street.


teacher said...

Fie upon't foe about my brain.......

Taylormade said...

Oh no. I NEVER do THAT (name the unpc affront).

Mike H said...

'I'm as pure as the driven snow'-Curly
'But ya drifted'-Moe along with the sound of a smack lol.

Cary Black said...

Cussing is the product of an ignorant mind.

Swearing is not just great relief but often nails something right on the head.

Take your pick.

Pinder said...

They can't arrest us for our thoughts-yet.

Mike H said...

Reminds me of the line from the original Thing. Getting ready to fight at the end one of the airmen asks,'What if he can read minds?' Another replies,'Then he's gonna be real mad when he gets to mine.' -s-