Monday, July 29, 2013

Shiny Things

Our daughter, when very little, would lie on the bed and look out the window.  She was fascinated by the movement of the tree branches and the sun shining through.

One could only guess what was going on in her infant mind.  But, it was obvious the movement was new to her and a source of wonder.

Some people never outgrow an attraction to shiny objects.  It's ok to see a flash.  It's what you do then that counts. 

Easily distracted mobs don't think.  They remain transfixed on whatever is dangled before them.

Attention span is a relative thing.  What may seem a short one may just mean there is nothing of interest.  The opposite may hold true as well. 

Unfortunately too many just transfix on what shines instead of finding out what makes it shine.  It is true of literal objects, but also of events and people.

I'm particularly thinking of a wish or a hope for a 'white knight' to sweep in and sweep away whatever problem befalls us.

Knights are not really like that.  In olden times they were specialized warriors, yes.  But, they had a heck of a lot of support.  I won't go into details.  Look up the history of medieval warfare.  Dig -s-.

In modern terms, it's quite similar.  There are leaders of course, but all of us are needed in various roles to accomplish any mission.

And as far as knights go, they were and are quite human.  And when it came to combat, chivalry had little to do with it.  Combat/warfare is messy.  And again, whatever level we fight on and no matter the weapons, be they words or otherwise, we simply have to shoulder our part of the burden.

So decide where you are and what you can do to restore the Republic.  Let it be legal, let it be just and truthful.

Let yourself shine.

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