Thursday, March 28, 2013

Labels Titles Names Being

I can imagine the almost schoolyard nyah nyah nyah as a result of this post.  How dare I criticize anything black?  Same reason I reserve the right to question anything. 

There has been a dramatic increase in the last several years in gang violence.  This includes not just organized groups such as Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods etc, but flash mob activities which may or may not involve these gangs.  It appears they often are made up of groups of kids who know each other through social media.  The notice goes out, they gather and commit the crime du jour, most often looting and robbing, but including assault and rape.

The overwhelming number of kids involved are black.  Ohoh, I said it.  It's the truth.  And I expect there are some who may lambast me if not here, then elsewhere.  I don't back down and I face consequences come what may.  In other words, telling the truth is worth the trouble.

There is a concerted effort to divide the races.  It's working in part but not completely.  The attempt to create suspicion seems to rotate in a poisonous orbit round some liberal circles and especially round the collectivist agenda.  It is truly a move to divide and conquer.  Diversity has reared a very ugly head.

Fuelling this is the entitlement state and the increasing lack of personal responsibility commensurate with it.  The aimless need direction.

As in the communist countries and fascist states, the rudderless are given goals.  Bully boys and girls are being recruited to wreak havoc and instill fear.

This in turn leads to a response from the state, in an effort to control, to show dominance.  It produces bullies in uniform.

A vicious circle sets up, where people no longer control themselves.  It's a strange world where we become pawns in the control game for our very lives.

Sometimes and we've noticed this personally, guys rove the streets by twos or threes.  That's what happened to me on Brookside Parkway.  The three (Nabors, Johnson, Carter) thugs who jumped me fit the bill.  And they all have growing records at round the age of 18, 19, 20.

The targets are almost invariably white, with some Oriental and Hispanic thrown in.  Usually it's a gang up, two/three on one.  And there is also the 'knockout' game.

Again, roving bands singling out usually one person and beating them to a pulp.  There have been plenty of severe injuries and deaths.  Some places cops fear to tread, especially in the flashmob instances.

People are fighting back.  Some cities have seen citizens band together in mutual self defense.  Also, self defense with firearms plays a positive role in the foggy mayhem.  Where citizens fight back the gangs shift if not back down.  It's not easy and the savagery is intense and immense.

Oath keeping cops actually work with citizens, but it's up to us to defend ourselves

One hears the term 'soulja' bandied about.  Ostensibly, this signifies someone who survives what is more commonly called the 'school of hard knocks'.  I'm a graduate of that institution -s- so I could be called a soulja.  I'm afraid I don't fit the bill because it mostly applies to thuggery.  The attempt to sugarcoat what's going on falls flat.

Jihad, which primarily applies to holy war among Moslems, could be taken to mean struggle and slathered with good will as a goal.  In fact there is a program about 'what's your jihad?  Maybe it's school or raising kids etc.  What makes it fall flat is the evil that swells and predominates in murderous rage because others 'dare' to believe and behave differently.

Make no mistake.  The way society is being engineered, we are being persecuted, censured, silenced for speaking out.  The Second Amendment is the linchpin and more than a tip of the iceberg.

And the finger pointing, ie one is prejudiced or full of hate for pointing out the truth, is strong and the intensity, the pressure is on us to give up.  Alinskyites proclaim that we are doing what they actually are doing.  We float in a sea of confusion, unless we stay the course.

Beat, pardon the reverse term -s-, them at their own game by sticking to the truth.  Don't waver. Tell the tale of how our Republic is compromised and to fix it we must go toe to toe with thugs, on the street and intellectually with their 'masters'.

Instead of labeling and using titles, name the problems and the solutions.

It's the only way we can be human beings.

For the thugs have made a choice.  The manipulators have made a choice.  They have crossed the line.

We must meet them and hold, beating them back.

All the grads of the school of hard knocks, all the decent folks who really struggle to raise kids and meet and teach responsibility still have the strength to rout the foe.

We must defend ourselves with words and deeds.

Finally, we are all in this together.  We hang together or we will hang or be beaten up or shot separately.

Our Freedom, Liberty is something which is internal.  It's not form it's substance.

Oh yes, one more thing.  Don't fall into the trap of 'some of my best friends are (fill in the blank)'  Let that be and speak for itself.

Know the difference between being defensive and spearheading the truth. 

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sewsew said...

These blacks are just puppets. They are slaves on the collectivist plantation. It's just more soso. The dupes are controlled, though they don't know it, by their masters. The master, true believers are controlled by those who would enslave us. It's more textured but that's the jist. Nothing new.....