Saturday, March 30, 2013


Could be ley lines and all their symbology.  Or it could be about power networks, electricity etc.  But for today, let's think figuratively.

I may be Captain Obvious again, but things are interconnected.  All the machinations of the collectivists are like a roadmap of tyranny. 

How do you fight such a monstrosity?  Many tentacles, lots of arms, but how many heads?

Think of a map for say, a city.  See all the streets, rivers, highways.  If you are travelling there, you try to find the best way to get to your destination. 

You have to decide what your destination, the end of the trip might be.  Are there side trips, do you need to be anywhere else?  Are you travelling alone or with others? 

There is a structure to these enemies of Liberty.  There are the usual useful idiots.  There are their controllers.  There are the puppet masters who run the show.

The job is simple in that we must study how they work, behave and destructure.  Take a tour of Tyranny City.  The structure is remarkably the same.  Be prepared for detours and heavy traffic.

If such a structure is built on and with lies, tell the truth.  Be ready if you fall in a ditch to have the skills to get out. 

Ok, the most difficult thing is to do nothing.  But doing and knowing go hand in hand.

A poorly built city can be rebuilt.

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Mixed metaphors?