Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blowin In The Wind

Here's to the whistleblowers!  A list follows:

Some are made public either on purpose or through slipups.  But I believe anonymity plays an important part in exposing tyranny.

I know there are times that specifics are important, in that hiding in plain sight will give us people with whom we can rally.  They stand up and are counted, putting everything they hold dear at risk, as did the Founders.

However, the invisible folks who do the anonymous work of intel remain unsung and slip in and out of history. 

In other words, if anyone wants to know what I know, I know nothing (all due respect to Sgt Schultz from Hogan's Heroes).

I have been scrutinized.  And though I have made it clear that I will help Restore the Republic, it's fruitless to monitor me in the hope of getting names.

So whistle past the graveyard or go blowin' in the wind.

In the soft silence there is a hum, more felt than heard. 

It's the enemies, foreign and oh those creepy domestic ones suckin' wind.


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Spooktacular said...

Ghosty cookies.