Monday, April 29, 2013


Well, the latest chapter in the 'I got jumped on Brookside Parkway' drama unfolds soon.  May 6 Brandon Nabors, the alledged 'leader'; of the 3 little s***s has a jury trial.

After this event, I will update.  But for now, it serves to remind me of the events of that night, August 27, 2012 and the aftermath.

The situation, up to a point, was handled well enough.  However, when the perps were nabbed with my property, it began to unravel.

The uniforms did their jobs, but it is the detective Bill Cincebox, who remains at fault.

This is opinion only of course, but I should have been taken to where they were nabbed to make an on the spot ID.  That was a major mistake when I was not.

Only the following morning did cincebox contact me.  He came to the house with printouts, slammed them on the hood, telling me to ID.  I had not slept, I was unfocused and disoriented.  I looked and couldn't actually see well.  I insisted he schedule another time later in the week.  He said no, my failure to ID was my only chance.

He questioned if the stolen gun was mine.

Bradis sent the wrong serial number and he concluded it was not my gun. 

I said I could ID it with a physical mark, a slight dent in the end of the barrel.

Cincebox was puzzled and without warning drew his weapon, jerking it out but pointing it down fortunately.  He asked me to point to the part of the gun I meant!  WTF???

I simply told this paragon of policing it was hwere the bullet came out.  Wonder how much expertise he had with guns.  I have decades, maybe longer than he has been around.  How could someone act this way?  Oh, I forgot, he is an 'only one'.

His behavior the whole time was jerky and hyper.  Was he like this or was this somehow induced?

He called later saying the gun could not have been mine as the serial number did not synch.  I subsequently discovered Bradis' mistake and they faxed the correct number to IMPD.  Oh yes, he also said there was no dent.  I knew he was BSing me and I called him on it.  All he said was he hadn't seen the serial number sent by Bradis the second time.  It was Tuesday and he said he wouldn't be back on duty til Saturday.  Wonder if he needed to sober up or what?

In calling him out, he merely said maybe they switched guns!  Ummm, thugs are not that connected and it had been a very short time.  Jim Grey, the officer who helped me had said they recovered the gun and all the mags/ammo etc.  Cincebox was unbelievable in his ridiculous badgering.  I resented his interrogation especially as it was just the following afternoon and I had finally sought rest.  Insensitive, no apology hardly covers it.

I received a call Saturday From Cincebox.. He was friendly and called me by name and said we could arrange a time at my convenience to ID the perps.  The he realized supposedly, that I was the wrong Michael.  There had been another assault after me that night near College and New York.  It's a Yuppie neighborhood with an upscale bar and a gay/leather bar.  Bet the perps thought there were easy pickings and docile victims in such a hood.  Mind you I'm not making a judgment just telling you the lay of the land and the probable perception that many gays and yuppies tend to be either passive or at least not armed.  I'll leave it to the reader to opine about the situation.

He was still talking jerkily, perhaps just a trait.  I don't know.  But he was dismissive, declaring that the gun etc were indeed mine!  Thanks for telling me what I already knew was my answer. 

That was that.  And btw, I stupidly did not recall the serial number because I had the original receipt from Bradis, by way of CDNN in the fanny pack in case I had to use the gun and it was taken for evidence.  I will not suffer that mistake again.  I know my numbers by heart and have copies.

What I wonder is his deference to the other victim.  He seemed to bend over backwards to accommodate him while I was handled dismissively.

Cops I've known who do their jobs well would have said to wait til I'd rested.  Or, the big or, they would have transported me to where the perps were apprehended for on the spot ID.  Sure the immediacy of identification was important, but then we come back to on the spot ID.

Cincebox himself (I discovered researching him) had done this with a victim on the southside previously.  Hmmmm. 

It's been suggested by my ex and others (couple of cops included) that he seemed to have little regard for me because of where I lived.  Difficult to prove but food for thought.

My belief he was inept would be fruitless to pursue.  I know the blue wall well and any accusation would be dismissed.  And it would simply be hard to pinpoint.

So I am left with the result.  I plan to be at the trial obseving and I hope arranging the return of my property.  I will not let it 'disappear' as many items have over the years from the Property Room.  That includes blood samples of a cop indicted for killing someoen while drunk driving.  He has btw been arrested for DUI just the other day again.

Lessons learned.  All i have to say is I am better prepped now than I was.  The warrior is reawakened on all levels -s-.

So regards are a two way street. 

I have contempt for cops who don't do their jobs whatever the reason.

It is up to us to regard ourselves and of course to protect ourselves.  Period.


Anonymous said...

He is a numnutz. I know firsthand.

Copwatcher said...

Keep watch and be aware so you are not mugged twice once by thugs and again by thugs with badges.

Mike H said...

I'm told the matter with Nabors as they say in the Prosecutors Office is resolved. No indication of his fate. Ryan Mears tells me it will be some weeks to get my gun, mags, ammo back. Bureaucratic red tape to say the least. Wonder if I will have to sue?

Mike H said...

For Cincebox:
The muzzle of a firearm is the end of the barrel from which the projectile will exit.
Why do I think I have vastly more experience with and about firearms than this 'detective' does?