Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blood Amd Choice

Family.  What a complete word.  What a divisive word. 

It has been said family of choice outweighs family of blood.  Perhaps.  The opposite could be true as well. It depends on the people involved.

At its best, a family gives and takes.  Children learn from parents.  They are supposed to learn independence, self reliance, the ability to think for oneself, yet be interconnected.  And as a teacher of our own kids, I can tell you we learned from them too -s-.

There is a spirit of paranoia in the land and the world.  It is bred by great evil.  Many as a result eschew family, seeking other associations.  Those may turn into family of choice.  There is reason for such fear.

As the family is revered and considered good, there are those who betray it.  Nightmare stories of incest, rape and exploitation float to the surface here and there.  We can see why many would leave such evil behind, seeking something healthy.

Such betrayal reminds me of all our rights.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness are endemic.  And as you know the right to keep and bear arms is one of our most, if not the linchpin, of all our Freedoms.

Some misuse guns, making it fodder for those who would destroy our rights.  Criminal use is punishable.  Robbery, rape and wanton killing paint the same air of paranoia that are perpetrated by child rapists (who are greatly in a family or at least are know to some degree by the victims) and others who abuse their blood kin.

And that term criminal use is abused by those who seek either as useful idiots or calculating collectivists to disarm us.  It is the same fear which can disarm a family.

Go and research family yourself.  Look at your own situations.  Use some common sense, again a term abused by liberals and rarely exercised by them in truth.

We have a God given right to defend ourselves.  That includes against the evil done by child rapists and anyone seeking to harm us.

As for family, I feel it is more blended these days.  It's not by divorce and remarriage alone, though that is relevant.  I can tell you of my brother.

Perry Carter is as much my brother as my own big brother.  We are close and have shared much joy and pain together.  And it is that socalled outside association which often gives good perspective.  Blood family can be too close.  Looking on the outside in, we offer fresh attitude.

I'm not seeking to give definitive answers here.  Just a smattering, a palette for a portrait of what makes us all great.

Family of blood can be a choice, at least at a certain point.

If betrayed we should leave the dysfunction behind.  It can be curved and jagged, the only hope for well being escape from an evil nest.  Some situations are way beyond fixing and rapists as well as all abusers must be dealt with.

On the other hand, we should cleave to those who are healthy, giving, perhaps stern but loving (Yep we spanked our kids sometimes) care.

If you are a survivor of abuse, seek help and health.  Don't keep the secret.  Tell.  In or out of the family.  Often it is outside.  So be it.  Go where Light health life live and breathe.

Don't let the monsters win.  They want to destroy you, body and soul.

That is true whether for a family or a Republic.

Are not these united States a family?  Is it not a blend of blood AND choice?

In the Republic's case, it is very wise to seek help not from gov (Big Daddy) but from our brothers and sisters. 

E Pluribus Unum is the greatest family of all -s-.

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