Thursday, February 27, 2014

Church Suppers

Many of us fondly remember those great down home church pitch-in meals.  I attended my share back in the day.  The ladies always tried to get me to eat since I was single lol.  Didn't have the heart to tell them I could cook myself -s-.  And of course that homemade pitch-in food was delicious!

The thought just occurred to me what loving care went into those meals.  Most of it was from scratch, which is dwindling as a skill.  It's how I learned to cook and because of that, it's added to the skills which come to bear so I can take care of myself.

The appreciation for the fellowship and caring I received still glow in my heart.

Another thought crossed my mind.  People of good will make great efforts but so often it is the same folks who do that work.  The same wonderful ladies man the kitchen.  The same folks clean up, fold chairs and tables and have meetings.  It's often the same people who are members of committees.  It's just too easy to let the other person do it because they have always done it.

I don't think most are bad, maybe a bit lazy and stuck in a groove.  Time to pitch in, especially in the cause of Freedom.

Don't do more than you can but do something.  Give money, time, words and any other support needed.

Sure there are some who do nothing and are even quite good at it.  Then when the dust settles they take credit where it is NOT due.

Take inventory of what you can honestly do.  Do it -s-.

It's NOT collectivism.  That notion is more akin to few doing for many and many stealing the credit.  It is many hands make light work.  It is E Pluribus Unum.

At the very least if not singing for your supper, there are always dishes to be washed.  It is work PLENTY of Americans are able and willing to do.


teacher said...

Astonishing lol. I worked my way through school doing odd jobs.

Mike H said...

Shh teach. They will accuse you of um uh undermining progress.

Mike H said...

I have actually cleaned toilets and made beds. And had several part time jobs while in school.

Legal Alien from Mars said...

Hey. You are taking jobs from people stealing them. How dare you!