Friday, March 28, 2014


Lordy.  Someone on Facebook removed a comment.  She 'kindly' sent me a message telling me so.

Seems she was worried it might seem 'antimuslim'. 

It started with her posting a remark about, what was it, herpes, or some other STD.  Appears ads etc were popping up on her page re such things.

I explained FB has bots that pick up on remarks one makes.  It gets absurd I said.  I illustrated this with the fact I was getting ads for dating Muslim women.

All I said was I had not wanted these ads as well as many other ad topics and that it was most unlikely I'd be dating any Muslim women.  That was the offending statement which might be misconstrued as anti.  Sheesh.

I am not Muslim.  It is most improbable I'd date women of that faith since it is mostly restrictive.

Now if I'd said I wouldn't want to endanger any Muslim ladies for dating an infidel,what would she have said as she excised my comment?

We have become way too pc.  Oh um gee um if I say this, would it offend you?  I could probably cook up something set to curdle some people's sedate peace at any price cream.

I always say what I mean and mean what I say.  Even the message in the ravioli symbolism applies.

So I explained this to my 'considerate' censor.  She never replied.

Enjoy your page.  Of course you are free to do what you did.  But one should question oneself as to why.

As I say over in FBland, I will say what I think.  You may agree, disagree or ignore.  Simple.

Reason and reasons are always welcome.

That is too much for those entangled in liberal pc mishmash.

What's that bit about breaking eggs to make an omelette?

Oops.  It might offend the chickens.


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Why waste your time with that bologna?

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NSA will be all over this. Talk about tripping bots lol.