Monday, December 31, 2012


I hithered and thithered and dithered about what to write as a conclusion to the year's musings.

There are so many things.

Since I believe we start with ourselves, I'll leave this, but only actually as a beginning.  For life goes on.  Dick Clark has crossed over, but there will be many New Years Eves, just as there were before he came on the scene.  It's what we make of life that will determine what those future celebrations will denote.

The personal note is that IMPD, in the person of bill cincebox, the detective who had my mugging case, dropped the ball.

The night it happened, I gave the uniforms a good description of the perps.  It helped them apprehend the little bugs shortly after.  And, therefore, the fault lies also with them, though I'm sure our intrepid dick was on the scene. 

I should have been transported immediately to the place of apprehension to make an on the spot ID.  Instead, this 26 year, as he said, veteran waited till next morning, when, deprived of sleep post assault, I was made to look at digital mugshots.  It was inconclusive and he, lord of the case, pontificated I could not further ID.

My lawyer, Ron Casey, after miscommunication, was mysteriously out of touch.

The conclusion is that Brandon Nabors, Shaquille Carter and Elliott Johnson have slid away.  Nabors was nabbed for actuall possession of my Glock, charged, surprisingly only with 'carrying w/o a license'.

No black on white crime, no assault charges etc.  The scheissen were nabbed as I mentioned before, after a string of crimes following my incident.

It remains these turds have my addy and phone number.  We have taken measures to ensure my home is secure.

And just to conclude, when I expressed concern the perps could come to my place, this paragon of policing said in 26 years he had never heard of such a thing.  What bs.  it's common practice to commit burglary after muggings when the addy is known.

We will see what happens this new year as events spiral round us all.

The return of my giun will happen or there will be suits aplenty.

Til later.


Mike H said...

Sorry about the typos. In my haste to get under the wire they appeared. I leave them as testament to my fervor to get out the word -s-.

Popa Popo said...

Don't know if you know more about police work. But you seem to have an ability to size things up. Were you a cop?

D Copper said...

Your dick there on the Beech Grove Council, wife secretary to the mayor. Big time Repubs. Casey has probably been told to lay off. He's got Repub ties and dickie boy has pull. Afraid you might embarrass his incompetent ass.

D Copper said...

Haha. Just checked this again. Mr dick cincebutt got his car stolen from out front of his house in so secure Beech Grove. Dickhead left it running. sez it was locked uh-huh.