Friday, August 1, 2008

Brothers and Keepers

Am I my brother's keeper? It's a much stretched out quote from Cain when asked where his brother, Abel was. Of course Cain had slain Abel. What a smartass and typical of that mindset that thinks of itself first. Those who go as far as killing and then presume to lord it over others. Arrogance. Pride. Perhaps the first psychopath. Lying to God. Wow. Then again we all can lie to ourselves and others, so why not God? Before I go further, I can point at myself. I have sidestepped people and issues when I should have spoken up or otherwise helped.

That said, are we our 'brother's keeper'? Yes and no.

People must take responsibility for themselves. They must learn to think for themselves. Sounds easy to me in the sense that I was taught that. Many of us were. But so many fewer are now. Americans are being taught dependence. Taught to trust the state, not themselves. Not so at our home. The kids are taught self reliance. I hope it takes. Not that it isn't, but that we have our concerns as parents. Don't worry though. The apron strings are cut or being cut with our kids. They will take their place in life to live their own lives and not the rest of the world's.

We must cut the government's apron strings. Just last night, my son and I cut weeds and vines, clearing land. Big yard. Lot of fence and trees too. Bit by bit we pulled clipped and cut. So it must be with government.

And that said, we must help our 'brother'. Even feed him-for a while. Give him a chance to get back on his feet. Not to take him by the hand and guide his every movement. We have enough socialists doing that. Give people the opportunity to LEARN to work out their own lives. Unteach dependence. Undo the clamoring and instill self reliance/order. We owe it to ourselves and the Republic to do so.

Healthy self interest simply is not blind pride. It is the notion, yea the impetus for reestablishing the Republic. It is instilling the reasons and ways that got us started on the road to Freedom. For if we are not EACH free, then we will surely fall into servitude. Serving others is NOT minding their every step. We have had enough of this.

Give people the gift of self interest and pride, in the original sense of being sovereigns and we will be on the road to Freedom again. It can be shared. Bit by bit. Start with yourself and work outward.

I have. I will stand in the breach, whatever that means and takes to get our Constitutional Republic back. Myself then person to person. Bit by bit.


Jay21 said...

Great post,

mikeh said...

Thanks Jay. Did you see they have blocked David Codrea's War On Guns as spam Hmmmmm