Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blue Meanies

Indianapolis is not a sanctuary city.  I'm sure Mayor Joe Hogsett (may he be voted out) might like that in his zeal to make Indy another blue Democratic city.  But state law prohibits it.  There are some blue spots up near Chicago of course.  It's kind of like an infection.  And there is an infusion of liberals into Indy. 

Neighborhood associations can be clubs which require adherence to rules in a particular community.  No probs so far but I'll let you know when I move.

A lot of the liberal garbage circles and falls short of what they would like.  They will keep trying.  We must be proactive and never stop protecting Freedom. 

Some claim we are already a Demo cess pool.  Not yet but reiterating the above we must always be vigilant.  That's history.

Taxation is one of the tools.  Always has been.  Look at ACA and property taxes.  Financial control.

Fear plays a part.  And there are those who prefer to be controlled.

There are those who bully ordinances, rules, laws into position.  Sometimes they get into majority by social guile, those moving here both legally and otherwise.  They care not one whit for minorities unless they are manipulated.

Remember one other thing.

When they came up with the colors depicting conservative/liberal red was the original liberal hue.  That faux pas changed fast when the lefties/collectivists realized it pinpointed their real intent.

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bug tussle said...

And Chicago is one way bussing homeless here. They spring up here and there.