Friday, June 30, 2017


Or Hollyweird, Horrorwood, Hellywood etc.  It is quite a collection of oddities, many evil some just eccentric.

All cities have this but because of showbiz, it's most evident there.

No doubt the loudmouth collectivists control a great deal od Tinseltown.  But not all.  And so many crew, and other branches including actors are Freedom minded.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath.

The collectivists try to make it look like all are like them.  Lies and half truths.  There are many identifiable Liberty loving and espousing people in the Industry and they go about the work of Freedom, some openly, others covert.

There are those who are well placed and thus speak and act openly.  They don't need the machine or the machine counts bucks.  Some are quiet because they are lower on the totem pole. and some have suffered.

So when folks call for eradicating Hollywood, they would take out the good with the bad.

Just be selective.  Pick and choose, Think for yourselves.

Uphold the good in showbiz.  Eschew the bad.

I know people become frustrated and want a cure all.  Life is more textured.

Naturally the bad hides among the good or at least hopes the good keeps destruction away.  Sound like terrorists huh?

Keep supporting the good.  The bad has suffered and if we keep it up will be defeated.



fedup said...

How about boycotting Clooney or Beaver etc?

Mike H said...

Boycott away. Don't believe the baloney yhat it hurts all the people who make movies. All the below the lines are paid already. They';; get jobs. Can't build w/o workers.

teacher said...

Od? Like od force? PS: spellings?

Mike H said...

Maybe lol. Sorry teach price of hurrying.