Thursday, June 29, 2017


Someone I know is moving to Hollywood.  I'm not gonna miss her.  Why?  She's not disappearing.

People move for all kinds of reasons.  She has hers and it's none of my business.

People are more available than ever.  If they switch from 10 miles to 2,000 miles, they are still accessible.

We miss usually what we either cannot have anymore or are transitioning.  I believe we at least have memories of those passed, if not spirit.  It's the physical, touch and sight we miss.

Memory is why love never dies along with spirit. 

Of course miss can refer to miss the mark, an archery term applied to a kind of sin in the Bible.

We fall short, zig when we should zag or flub our dubs.  We learn and do better.

Perfect your aim -s-.

I missed meeting a certain actor.  The opportunity arose to meet again and it worked.

OTOH there are times we don't miss anything. Better to associate or do otherwise.

And sometimes we don't miss a thing aka hit the mark every time.

Am I missing something or are we still working on Restoring the Republic?

Reread the above lol.

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