Monday, May 29, 2017


Dixie reminds me/us that history is being lost/rewritten.  I urge you to preserve it.

There are systematic alterations even erasures judging by current textbooks.  I suggest people collect books, amateur historians if you will.  Scour the internet for facts.. Keep looking, for some things disappear.

Also beware anything with an opinion unless it is stated as such.  Argue for a view.  Debate is healthy if done by fair balanced people.  Beware of collectivist revisionism.  It is easy to spot and entails demonization of Western society.  Study history warts and all.  Do we not learn from our mistakes?  Hmmm?

Collectiism will not tolerate discussion.  Its lies and half truths are accepted as the only way.  Not so in honest historical study.  There is room for different views.  Mike Vanderboegh and I disagreed on certain aspects of history.  But we were firm in our allegiance to the Republic and Freedom.

If not already, become collectors, as I said before.  Store your history texts somewhere safe.  Scan the net and put books/papers/treatises on disc/flashdrive etc.  I suggest you disburse/distribute some just in case. It's common tyrannical practice to burn books, remove statues etc.  At least get pics of statues.  Or if you have the means, save them if they are being disposed of.  The same can be said about guns or anything not in the falsified collectivist matrix.

Share knowledge.  Teach.  Learn.


teacher said...

For a long time.

Mike H said...

You way longer than me. But I've studied since childhood.

teacher said...

And we pass it on.

Mike H said...

Always teach.