Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Child Rape

It cannot be ignored.  I hope it haunts people until they face it.

It is NOT love.  It is NOT an alternative lifestyle.  It is NOT mental illness.  It IS evil.

And it is more intense and complicated than a stranger in the bushes or a 'weird' relative.  It is everywhere and child rapists come from all economic/social levels.

It is a cabal.  While there are individual rapists and even loose subscribers/collectors of pornographic materials involving children, there are many who do 'stick together'.  It is an association of convenience and most wouldn't hesitate to throw another under the bus to survive.  It can be a network of power.

These aberrations seek power from fear and robbing kids of innocence.  They choose to steal and destroy.

Helping kids come back, survive, triumph is a rough row to hoe.  But it is NOT impossible.  And it is what's right.

Then some are deprived of life completely.  Pray for their immortal spirits.

I needn't go on and on.  As always, research and associate with those who also seek justice and healing.

It is not stasilike to discover child rapists and finally stop them.  Beware though of those who use this as an excuse to mark us all with the end line being total observation/control of all.

And further beware of the child rapists themselves.  The higher you go, the more connected are the procurers and rapists, the 'Renfields' and 'Draculas' as it were.  They are wealthy and powerful. They are capable of destroying many who pursue them. See what connects and be stealthy, trusting only those who truly seek justice and liberation.

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons President Trump is being opposed and virulently so, is because his Justice Department is nabbing child rapists and rescuing kids.  Evil does not just fold.  It fights viciously and perniciously to maintain and spread its filth.  And believe it 'liberally' (sic) applies the Alinskyan rules.

Study the enemy, though it is heartbreaking and demoralizing.  Be tough and know it's right to seek out and destroy evil.

The rapists etal want us to give up, to be hopeless.  They seek to appear stronger and invincible.  They are NOT. They ARE cunning and use all the tricks and resources at all levels to hide and counterattack.

Face it and do something, whatever you can.

Many hands make lighter work.

We shall see about spiritual connection specifically tomorrow.


digger said...

There s no varnishing it.

Mike H said...

It is piain.