Sunday, May 28, 2017


Cultural Marxism is in high gear.

While Trump etal are attempting to slowly turn the tide of globalism from destroying our Republic, our enemies, in the form of most Democrats, neocons/rinos and assorted collectivists seek to undo him and continue on the course to a one world of slavery.  It is pernicious and a cancer of the mind and spirit.

Cultural Marxism is an assault from all sides, multileveled.  Its goal is to rewrite society in a collectivist matrix.  Take Sovietism as an example or 1984.  The State is mom and pop.  It controls from cradle to grave.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told.

Be observant.  Whether you have kids or not, schools are bellwethers for this threat to humanity.  And after the drones are suitably brainwashed, then it rolls into politics.

It is Memorial Day weekend.  We remember those who fought for the Republic and paid the ultimate price.  It has also grown to include all military who cross over.  And for some, it engenders memories of family times.

Dixie is a nickname for the American South.  Most of it decided Constitutionally to leave the US and establish a separate country called the Confederate States.

Much debate can be made about slavery and its significance to the ensuing war.  Of course it was wrong, but I suggest a thorough study/examination of ALL the reasons for what happened.  As with most things there are textures to all of it.  And significantly slavery is worse than ever.

What should be a red flag, don't pardon the pun, is the removal of Confederate flags and statues.  It is nothing more than history erasure.  And if we look closely, most do not want it.

It is American history, warts and all.  These people were Americans and deserve recognition for dying in battle just like the North and All Americans.

If there is something you don't like, don't hide it.  Present it and study it.

On this Memorial Day, I remember Robert E. Lee as much as any other American soldier.

We could use a Lee now. 

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