Sunday, December 31, 2017


I have a pretty good memory.  I remember a plethora of things, whether significant or not lol.  I delve into the past, but do not live there. 

The new year is just that over much of the world already and soon here.  Those last gasps, dregs of sand in the hourglass, are nearly done.

I'm just recalling drive-in movies.  They used to be a common national feature in most states years ago.  Now, they are few and far between.

We used to go fairly often and see first run flicks.  I even saw Goldfinger at one.  Many more were viewed to my young delight under the stars.

It was cheap and gave people a feeling of freedom as we were together as an audience yet each family date etc had their own car. 

I loved the concession stand of course.  The barbeque/pulled pork and cheeseburgers were local classics.  Sometimes we'd get a pizza and bring it.  Everything but anchovies lol. 

I made the acquaintance of a projectionist as a young adult.  I spent time at several theaters and watched movies from the booth.  It was fascinating watching him feed the film platters and see the light flicker the parade of frames onto the screen. 

Even earlier, we knew the owners and manager of the Vogue indoor theater, long before it was a night club.  Ever see part of a movie behind the screen?  Talk about beyond the front row lol!  Moby Dick seemed truly life size!  The projection booth was smaller and then they had the old projectors, with attendant whirring and clicking as the filmic stories spun their spells.  And, btw, I first saw Goldfinger indoors there -s-.

Well, enough rumination.  Remember so you do not forget!

A new year, another day.

Lots of work to be done each day.

Maybe I'll stop by one of the dwindling drive-ins, but not til Spring!


Bottomless said...

Remember this guy?

Mike H said...

Oh yes lol.