Thursday, August 31, 2017

Better Republic

Bigger is not better.  Though things have kept getting bigger.  We all know the story of big gov.  I will not repeat the oft refrained refs. I'm most interested in truly making things better.

A better Republic.  Steps toward Restoring same.  I believe, with hit and miss, trial and error, we are achieving that now.  It's not easy and the demos/neocons/collectivists are fighting tooth and nail to stop it.

President Trump is eliminating his predecessor's marxist rot with refreshed Liberty.  Some promises are being kept and others either delayed, thwarted or obscured.  He is only the spearhead.  We must do our part.

That does entail not just voting the rascals out (Quigley), but voting in proFreedom/Constitution candidates.  Let's give him a clear Senate majority.  Scrupulous supervision lest voter fraud occurs, is a must.  Same for the House, state and local elections as well.

Better demands we observe and speak up when continued affronts and violations happen.  They are legion but that just makes it more compelling.  We stop or reverse what we can and take note of everything, for eventually we will achieve our goal of Restoration.

As I say bit by bit we counter and replace because the deterioration has taken a long time.

I know this may seem redundant to many of you.  And many of you are doing precisely what I'm talking about.  Yet, there are so many we need to reach, to kindle 'brushfires of Freedom' in their minds.

Don't be deterred by the enemy.  They are getting livelier, bolder and more vicious.  This indicates they believe they can entrap us and/or they see we are gaining ground.  Let them manipulate ans spew.  We counter them and proactively take more high ground.

Speak truthfully, don't be baited.  When sources are cited counter them.  When declaring truth, citing one's own sources should be done, keeping in mind the enemy will ridicule them and say they are irrelevant.  Go on and don't debate the trolls and naysayers.  You can never reach them.  But someone else may notice your calm yet passionate declaration of Freedom facts.

Study Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  Use it against them.  They boil when that happens.

In light of this, don't feed the trolls.  They want to discredit you and be noticed.  Use their tactics against them.

Many factors lead to a better Republic.  And don't kid yourself, it is war of a kind.  We have all the boxes. 

Battles might be won or lost.  Learn from both.  Be prepared for everything but make sure when it comes down to it that you do not start any fight.  But as my Dad Brother and his ROTC Sergeants said, make damn sure you finish them.

It will be as painful and unpleasant as it was round 1776.  Maybe, in spite of modernity, it might be worse because of that.  It'll take a mighty effort to shake out and loose.  All my hopes, dreams and prayers are for victory.

It is NOT antigov.  It is proLiberty. 

Better is smaller, especially Fed.  The true power resides in the states.  Yet beware and trim them down too. 

Remember, as with a wound, a cyst etc, there is usually pain, then soreness, then scars.  Don't forget any of it.  I'd rather have scars than medals.

So 'get better' is not just a cliché we say when someone is sick.  It is the defining time when there could be flare ups after even routine healing.

Don't be too satisfied.  Not sure there is a best.

Better is the road to becoming-again.


soso said...

"The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom,
and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in
the hands of people who use it to promote their own interest."
-- Milton Friedman
(1912-2006) Nobel Prize-winning economist, economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan, "ultimate guru of the free-market system"

Mike H said...

Can't legislate nor any other way bring morality to bear. Contnet of character and learning right from wrong.