Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sidestep Twostep

Could have called it jig but I guess I'd be accused of racism.  Some people are niggardly.  Yeah a prof actually got in trouble for using that term.  Sheesh.

I've seen a lot of stuff concerning flag, anthem etc.  And as usual the collectivists don't disappoint.  Their are as many opinions as fleas on a dog.  Many miss the point.  Some hit the nail on the head.

It's grandstanding by collectivists.  As mentioned before, they latch onto Freedom methods and use it against us. 

Yes, even the most reprehensible, commies, Nazis, even socalled pedophiles (child rapist) can demonstrate etc.  And when people are prosecuted, the worst are entitled to a fair trial.  For if they don't receive it, if we become exclusive, who knows who might be next.

Responses all over the net are still pouring in.  One should always note how everything is written.  Some are subtler, some knee jerk and much in between.  This whole affair is an ideal illustration of how collectivists work.  And it shows the ways patriots and all Freedom minded whatever the moniker, express themselves.

There is a lot of side stepping.

I read some bombast from an Army sergeant who said he wished they all had kneeled.  He and another military guy said it was ridiculous that Villanueva would be intimidated into apologizing.  After all he's way over 6 foot and a former lieutenant in the Rangers.  Pure bravado.

Of course he was cowed.  Who signs the paychecks?  Besides there is team/peer pressure.  Everybody has a breaking point supposedly.  Haven't reached mine yet lol.

Also this paragon of blather said no one had the sack to face, and the name escapes me because I don't follow team sports, such and such and say anything about boycotting.  What polished turd bs.

I have no trouble telling folks respectfully if bluntly what I think.  Let's just say I have respect for size and strength but also know enough to look someone in the eye and tell the truth.  Not fu like some idiots, just honest communication.  I never look for a fight -s-.

Now, this sergeant also said he didn't take his oath to defend a flag or anthem and he was just fine with all the 'protest'.  He further said it was meant to make us think and to be uncomfortable.  OK.

We all have a right to assess protest, even peaceful stuff.  And this current round is just provocation based on collectivist lies and half truths. 

He also said he sent comrades home in flag draped coffins and people should think twice about wearing 'flag' apparel.  Did we stand and salute at home?  Hmmm?

For pity's sake, I've never seen such a display of song and dance even from dedicated commies.

That flag aka Stars and Stripes is a symbol of the oath he and all US Armed Forces take.  Similar oaths are taken by gov officials. and civilian police as well. 

The Anthem aka Star Spangled Banner celebrates that symbol.

So sidestep twostep all you like.  Say it doesn't matter.  It does.

Let's dance a rhumba, take Liberty in our arms and foxtrot into the future.


teacher said...

Well do you stand at home?

Mike H said...

No. And I ain't tellin. But I do stir when I hear that song.

dedd redd said...

Commies deride it for a drinking song.

Mike H said...

And their is an earthiness thus that they lack, The soviet anthem and internationale lack verve.

no moh said...

the original song celebrates victory over Barbary pirates.

teacher said...

Ever dance with a liberal girl?

Mike H said...

Yes. Once we got past who was supposed to lead, I tolerated it. But I didn't write.