Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fan Dots

Ever go to a site and have your mouse arrow get surrounded by a cluster of dots or some mobile emojilike images?  Moveit and the arrow gets chased and resurrounded.  Or, if you run the pointer offscreen, the dots mass, waiting for the reappearance?

Fans can be that way.  Followers of many stripes are the same.  They will pursue the object of their attention almost like lemmings, heedless of consequences, good or bad.

Washington or George III, JFK or Khrushchev, Churchill or Hitler and on and on, some people prefer to let the leader do the work, weather for weal or woe.

Following isn't necessarily bad.  We look to leaders to lead.  It's how and why etc.  Just don't let them do your thinking for you.  Know what they do and then decide for yourselves.

Beware the cult of personality.  It is often the grist of totalitarians/collectivists.  And when the reps of Freedom lead, remember they should be demanding you do your part.

A good leader is a catalyst.  And they don't mind criticism.  Even the slings and arrows of collectivist subversion only serve to highlight the intent to promote Liberty by those lambasted.

We will never all agree even in the Republic.  But we are set up to follow and be leaders ourselves.  don't let anyone bamboozle you.

For we are our own best fans.  And we seek leaders who know this.  The power is ours.

Jump.  How high or why?

E Pluribus Unum is not mindless dots.  It is mindful unity.


Swamp Fox said...

Don't wait. Lead yourselves.

Mike H said...

Precisely, noting the need for organization.

teacher said...


Mike H said...

Don't make me do the whole exercise teach lol.