Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hand

Sounds like one of those schlocky flicks where a severed hand gets attached to a surgeon or piano player and then makes him kill people. Or it crawls and kills on its own lol.


Could be about the 'invisible hand' or power behind the throne.


Might be about the hand that rocks the cradle ruling the world.

Okay. I'm free associating.

I've always been fascinated by analogies, metaphors etc. These symbols, as said many times, can be used for weal or woe.

Some of us can feel like puppets, being pulled with invisible strings by an unseen hand. That hand has many faces and they all have alphabet bureaucracy written all over them.

The hand doesn't like those of us who recognize this manipulation. It pulls other strings to bring us either back in line or cut us and dump us.

Well, we can cut the strings too. And we know we don't need a hand pulling.

A hand up is nice. One to anothe4r, reaching out and bringing others clear of undue influence.

I could hand you such stories all day, but I know you see the point.

That hand we use to help can also be a bare knuckles brawler if needs be.

It can also write and lead others to think and un manipulate.

Ever scene a kung fu bout? Where hands fly and counter.

It's a mental match that could resort to skills at hand.....


Hamburger Helper said...

Would it be going too far to say I've got to hand it to you?

Mike H said...

Just be handy, Andy.