Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roll Playing

An interesting point was brought up about the Tucson shootings.

Could it have been a two pronged op?

There is the obvious attempted besmirching of Tea Partiers and several Repubs. Reservations aside about candidates, that was low and some of the worst bs I've seen in all my born days. Tack onto this the readied bills to squelch gun rights.

Not only was a Congresswoman shot, a supposedly 'progun' Demo (I have heard she really doesn't have all that great an opinion of gunowners. Sorry but we shouldn't go round shooting people who oppose us even tacitly), and that sweet little girl, Cristina Green among others, Federal Judge John Roll was killed too.

He had just ruled preliminarily that The Feds aka Obama etal could not seize citizens' money ala Roosevelt's gold seizures.

Curious he was wiped just a few days after this and his work terminally halted.

I could go on about what ifs and there are a lot of curious ones in the course of our history, but this got little play except in more sensational circles. So it must be nuts huh?


With the continued rape of our Freedom it does make one wonder. And throughout history people have been eliminated for cause.

This will get buried deeper like any other affront to our knowledge and 'Jedburghed' Just coined the phrase after the character in Edge of Darkness whoo tidied things up for politicos etal and admitted that a lot of conspiracy stuff was mixed with truth to keep people either discredited or to lead them down a rosy path.

Think for yourself. You decide.

But Roll's gone. Watch your six -s-.

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Cary Black said...

You're not paranoid if they are really after you. (Watch out for dragontails-asc) -s-