Monday, January 10, 2011

Families And Fables

At the strong behest of Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy etal, The History Channel has pulled its eight hour mini series on the Kennedys.

The producers are having a hard time finding a place to broadcast it.

What could be so detrimental that a family that has rightfully been exposed as counter productive to this Republic would stoop to censorship? It's happened before and many coverups have been perpetrated and incidents glossed in the fairy dust of conspiracy.

What skeletons in the closet are too scurrilous that if brought to the light of day, they would permanently besmirch people who have been proven, on record, to sanction just about everything socialist and Republic destroying.

It seems to be a matter of personal integrity, at least what I've gleaned from searching the web for the whys and wherefores.

It's well known that Jack and Bobby liked women. How they spent their private lives is none of my business. Do I think it's personally a good idea to spread it around when married? No.

And as for politickin', well, they both had hits and misses. I'm not interested in beating all the dead Kennedy horses.

It just strikes me curiously that they are being protected after the fact. And hey, if the libs got the Reagan film out years ago why not this opus? Reagan wasn't exactly all that he could have been in my opinion either.

I dislike anyone posted to sainthood especially political leaders. They were and are human beings, some good some bad and many in between.

As for family intrigue like Joe Sr. going against Jack and his latter day policies, what's so surprising about that? Joe was wonky compared to his son. Don't forget his shenanigans before and during WW2 re nazis etc.

Hell, Jack would be considered a fringe Demo now. The slide to the left is an avalanche.

My Greatgrandmother, Rose Belle St.Clair Hiland was a lifelong Demo. She campaigned before women got the vote and was a firebrand about suffrage.

I can't say for sure, but I think she would tell the collectivist mess of the DP to take a hike. She struck me in retrospect as a proto libertarian.

Sidenote: Grandma would have been 139 on the 13th. She crossed over at 103.

As for family intrigues, mine was a Hoosier version of the K's. There were plenty of thieves, back stabbers and opportunists to go round, including my paternal grandfather, whom I only called by his first name.

There were also many decent honorable folks. In fact most were of that persuasion. Those included my Dad, Great Uncle Emmet, cousins Walter Sr and Jr. And many more. There was even an ancestor who was a notorious drunk and roue who had more decency than most politicos these days.

Maybe I'll do a miniseries on my family. People wouldn't like it because they were not 'famous'. But they got things done. Even the bad guys and self absorbed toffs amongst them.

I suppose there will always be people either glorifying or besmirching public figures. So mote it be.

Almost forgot that General who was President of the Continental Congress for a term and Governor of the Northwest Territory. He was a crappy General but he put his butt on the line with Washington, Jefferson and the rest, many of whom he counted as friends.

Guess it's why in my study since early childhood of history that I woulc and still do dig. May not always agree with some, people come to different conclusions sometimes, but at least I think for myself and require that others dig for details.

So, somewhere The Kennedys will air or go to disc. Don't know if I'll watch it.

I sure would like a copy of The Path To 911. Heard the Clintons put a kabosh on distribution because of the unfavorable portrayal of Billy Jeff's actions re bin Laden. Lotta intel people got screwed big time. And John O'Neill, the lead Fibber investigator got royally done in. He died in the Towers that morning after resigning from the FBI and taking a job as Security Chief for the Towers. Deliberate death? It's at least a big hmmm, knowing how the mokes jerked the chains of good field ops.

Families of choice can mean more than families of blood. I feel that way today with many of my own gone, but a larger crowd of Freedom minded people whom I respect and yes some I trust. That's not easy to come by.

So remember, but don't forget if you get my drift!

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Cary Black said...

Agents have always been jerked.