Saturday, January 1, 2011


At the request of myself, I'm editing this entry simply because I refuse to let my having been ill deter me from even providing a short piece of quality.

Here we are. On the threshold of hope and change as it were.

The new year always lends itself to transitory hopes and wishes which usually get swept away on the fast track to reality.

Make your dreams come true. How's that for another seemingly cliche statement?

We can. It takes guts ie determination and well, passion persistence and practice.

That's opportunity in a nutshell.

It's a dogged determination to make things right ie 'new'.

So take the enthusiasm and make it work toward your goals.

Don't let the Freedom robbers win. They will try to endrun us as usual.

(Update note: They are indeed trying this after the Arizona shootings. I'll have more soon re this.)

Concepts such as Freedom, Constitutional Republic etc are old. They have gestated into what we stand for in these united States.

Everything old is new again!


teacher said...

Good job!

Mike H said...

Thanks. And redcloud, go on another vision quest.