Friday, January 7, 2011


A thorny problem. Not really. Some of the acacias aren't thorny.

They are beautiful hardwood trees. Wonderful furniture wood that takes a high polish, the acacia seyal is thought to have have been used to help build the Ark of the Covenant. On the other hand, some make great firewood. All in all they are a useful genii.

Bet you thought this might be another of my outre aka weird entries. Depends on your view. I've actually lost some followers because I didn't stay on topic. Nah. I'm precisely on topic. For Freedom encompasses things as seemingly obscure as the number 6 and as useful as acacia. Don't know if it's ever been used in gunmaking though -s-.

Obviously, much of my stuff is symbolic. So much of life is laden with symbols. The acacia can be one such representing steadfastness as the acacia can be planted for erosion control. That one should be obvious now and as recently as the attempted further erosion of rights after the Arizona shootings.

In Freemasonry, the acacia represents purity and endurance of the soul. It can also signify resurrection and immortality.

Strength and comfort, ever needed and present, can be reminded to us from the acacia.

Let it be so as the fight for Freedom never rests and endures forever.


kava said...

Health giving.

Templar2 said...

May we learn that symbols are not good or evil. It is how they are used-or corrupted. Acacia, strength, durability and all good things......