Friday, July 16, 2010

Lumpy Redux

Well, I went in for a CAT scan not long ago.

This was in response to my Colonoscopy (Sounds like an arthouse movie title lol).

For those not in the know, they found some polyps, removed them and said they were benign, BUT they were precancerous. Ugh.

Sooo, the Doc said there was some king of lump squishing my colon from the outside. He ordered a CAT scan, since it was undetermined what said lump was.

Got to drink two marvelous dye concoctions, a blood test (Never can have enough of em. But to be honest, I would suffer again to be sure I was healthy) thankfully in a sports drink, withing an hour and I got scanned.

The result indicates I have a lipoma pressing my colon.

A lipoma is a 'fatty' tissue, nonmalignant, that can grow with tendrils.

I've had a couple removed from my lower back. I have one on my upper back that is not causing trouble. I'm to call Doc in another week, but I doubt there will be any surgery.

So, I thank all for thoughts and prayers.

If by chance, there is something newly odd, I'll publish an update.

If not, then me and my lipoma have a date with my arthritis of the loweer right lumbar and hip to do the rhumba.

Seriously, thanks for caring.

Now, back to work (Both Freedom and that writing thing).


kava said...

Glad to hear. Some us actually need you lol.

BTW, the Committee wondered when you are really coming to Hollyweird.

Mike H said...


tentative date I'm really working on is january 2011. Stay tuned.

Mike H said...

As mentioned removed and as for Hwood, prelim trip soon. I'll get there lol.