Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm appalled at the attitude the 'press' sometimes takes regarding criminals.

Not prisoners of the state sent away for trumped up gun charges or people who pay a price because of ridiculous gun charges or 'assault charges' aka Lautenberg.

I'm talking about real offenders.

Armed robbers come to mind particularly. So do rapists because they rob people of safety, and try to dehumanize them.

Remember about two and a half million times a year guns are used to thwart crime and often without firing a shot.

"Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding." Ducard from Batman Begins

The press dares to call some of them victims. They are perps, seeking to rob and kill.

Worse, cops are guilty of calling perps victims as in the case of a breakin thwarted in a Columbus O. incident. 'The agressor was the victim'. U-huh. Uh-uh.

Then of course, Captain Obvious Cop says the homeowner is is within his rights to have a weapon. Duh.

'Earlier yesterday, friends and family members of the shooting victim placed candles and left written messages on a poster where he fell.'

How touching. I remember working at the local Juvenile Center. On visiting night, I was told to be wary of the parents and friends there. Many of them were gangers and perps. they regarded me with that glare given to 'the man'. Sheesh.

'Under Ohio's Castle Doctrine law, if someone unlawfully enters an occupied home or temporary habitation, or occupied car, citizens have an initial presumption that they may act in self defense, and will not be second-guessed by the State.'

Good. We should anyway but it sounds good, huh?

'The Toledo Blade, which prohibits its newspaper carriers from exercising their right to self-defense even after several instances where employees suffered rape and or aggravated robbery, has editorialized against concealed carry both before and after it became law. One editorial board member went so far as theorize on how he would disarm the entire American population.'

Spare no expense. Spare me! These mokes don't care as long as their ideals are achieved. OTOH I know folks whothough unfortunately are hurt, then learn to fight back. these 'press' people are going against nature. It is natural to protect oneself be it fight or flight when appropriate.

'Emergency dispatchers were still on the line as the homeowner fired his gun. Deputy Chief Derrick Diggs is quoted as saying "based on the investigation, and the interview with the homeowner, the investigation determined that this individual should not be charged."'

Jeez Louise! How magnanimous! Sure things get investigated. But it's the implication that it's wrong to have a gun in the first place that's most egregious.

Much is in the wording.

My advice:

Ask to talk to your lawyer. Then when interviewed by the 'press'(gang), be concise. Try not to give statements that can be extrapolated or altered in any other way.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. At least we can clarify that especially when we Restore the Republic.

Don't let em demonize you. Demonize and rightly, the skanks.

As said in 'Where Eagles Dare', paraphrased: A skank is a skank is a skank is it not?


teacher said...

At last!

Keep it coming, my boy!

Mike H said...

I intend to old friend.

I will not let anyone, let alone myself down!

Mike H said...

Interesting in light of the skanks who jumped me 8/27/12. We will see what develops and i will update when I can.