Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Hunting

I'm about to embark on that trek. There are two roads to go. Old or new. I favor old. Character, experience. Just check it out to make sure it's sound. Bugs, termites, rot, mold etc can be hidden from a first look. Look deeper. Get a small team to check it out. If you like what you see, thoroughly, should you buy it? Maybe. There are other factors to consider.

Price, location, layout, are major considerations.

There is one critical consideration.

I must fing a house in the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township so my daughter can attend North Central High School.

We considered paying tuition, but they turned her down.

She was top of her class, 4.0, President of her class, and Vice President of the Drama Club. She was also voted one of the most popular students by teachers and other students.

Oh, well.

Now, the other irony of the situation is that I am soon to go to California so I can be hands on with acting/writing there.

She may come with me and I will intro her to the biz as she wants to be an actress.

The excitement of life never stops, thank God.

It would suck if it did!

Interesting that her destiny and mine are intertwined. Or maybe that's as it should be for now, considering all that is happening.

We will see.

And yes, there is an analogy re housing and the Republic.

Didn't think I'd let THAT slide did ya? -s-

I favor old for the Republic of course.

We just need to rennovate, not whitewash.

The basic structure is sound and the location is ideal.

The price is beyond rubies and the layout is classic colonial lol.

Let's stay busy with it.

For no matter where I am, be assured I will do what I can to see this old house stay standing.

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teacher said...

Busy beaver aren't you?