Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elian Gonzalez

Elian has become quite the poster boy for Cuba.

The land that brought us the criminal butcher Castro brothers and Che Guevera and so many more commie dupes and monsters, is using Elian and his daddy as collectivist puppets in traditional style.

The obviously brainwashed Elian, now a bigtime 'socialist' hero says he is not mad at his Miami relatives.

The commie dupe says a 'large part of the American public supported his being reunited with his little commie dupe daddy.

Probably there were some. The usual list of traitors and 'sympathizers' who lust for us to become a 'worker's paradise' like Cuba. this includes all the Hollyweird sycophants as well as our dear leaders.

Then again, communists lie.

Here's a quote from Elian's caring Dad:

When asked about the family's Miami relatives, however, Gonzalez's father, Juan Miguel, shot back that he was still angry, "because, at any moment, having the boy there and with me giving them opportunities so they can reunite the family, they let themselves get carried away with other things."

Other things huh?

Like Freedom and the hope that Elian's Mom had for a new and better life here, free of the oppression, murder and black magic (more on that later) that was and sadly is the hallmark of Fidel etal.

The family wanted Elian to be healthy and happy and to be raised in an American environment. Sure, they were proud of their heritage. Americans are like that.

He was when here. he responded positively to his family, and they to him.

Then, that Chinese collaborator Clinton, directed the reprehensible Reno to snatch him from his family and return him to a Dad who apparently cared less about him before it became an issue and the commies goaded him to demand Elian back.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of his kidnapping, Raul 'the Ghoul' Castro took the typical opportunity to slam the US re our 'lies and imperialism' etc, the usual commie crap. I refuse to use a nicer term. Communism is crap, period.

Elian was said to no longer be our toy we the US, the 'enemies of the revolution'.

When Elian was taken, he was sedated supposedly because of his 'agitated state'.

It was the beginning of his indoctrination into a place that is supposed to be so great that folks like Chevy Chase and Danny Glover have extolled its virtues.

Notice, they don't live there they live here, with all the amenities the US has to offer.

I doubt they would last long in their precious 'worker's paradise'. After all the Castros, with the help of Guevara etal murdered countless teacher, soldiers and leaders who were anticommunist. What would stop them from offing the sycophants once their usefulness is over? Those pamered babies might complain about conditions, though to be a devil's advocate, the commies usually give the best to the celebrity pundits and treat them so well. Think Jane commie Fonda.

Before I barf at the ageless hypocrisy and double dealing these mokes have wrought, there is an esoteric side.

Santeria is common in Cuba. Both Battista and Castro had orishas and santeros (spirits and priests) and paleros and palos (the dark side as it were opposite numbers) respectively.

Believe it or not, a palero predicted Castro's downfall if a boy escaped the island at the time Elian did.

It is said that is the secret reason he was brought back.

Fat lot of good it did.

Fidel is either dead or wasting away anyway. Sin catches up with people.

Now, you might ask why I mention this.

It's important to a great many people.

It doesn't have to be to you. You don't have to believe.

But they do.

And in a country that claims religion is the opiate of the people, Santeria is tolerated, while Christian churches are government approved aka the toe the party line.

Whatever you believe, it is typical behavior of those followers of Marx/Lenin who say black is white and orange is blue.

Color it red.

As in the blood of so many sacrificed including the Bay of Pigs.

Pray for the Freedom of the Cuban people.


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