Sunday, July 4, 2010


How far the fine profession of acting has risen.

There was a time when actors were less than tolerated. Yet they were sought for their unique talents when it suited the powers that be.

And all through history, the telling of tales, of stories has been important historically as well as diversionally and for entertainment.

Thus, there are as many reasons for actors etal as there are for existing.

No, it's not the noblest profession.

But, it just might be a contender for being the oldest.

And at its best can reflect our human condition. So there can be nobility in that -s-.

There were the days, prompted by prudery, where actors were considered a devious bunch. Some hotels wouldn't let them stay in their rooms.

Of course, I understand why some dislike Hollywood. There are moral reasons for some, aesthetic reasons for others.

Some have honest concerns and others are just jealous because they do not dare to even try.

The thing I hate is how some rag about Hollywood, then slink into the cinemas and have some guilty pleasure and leave to slam movies again.

Kinda like visiting a whorehouse huh?

In fact, that was a sign in some towns, 'No whores or actors allowed'.
Reminds me of the 'no dogs or Indians' signs.

Yes, there are leftists in Hollywood. They seem to predominate. I believe it was planned.

Media can be a powerful battlefields for the minds of many.

We can do something about it. It is the same plan as Restoring the Republic.

We take it back bit by bit.

There is a powerful consortium of manipulators but to be fair (though they are not), the reason it's called show business is simple. It's a profit making business.

Though true, we can still make movies that care about where we are and what we are doing.

And in these financially troubled times, a little escapism is not bad. I sought some when I was taking care of my dying Dad. Then I got my butt back home and helped out.

The trick is not to lose yourself nor be taken in by cheap attempts to sell collectivism or anything else that scuttles Liberty's boat.

And acting is a gift, a craft which I share btw with many, including my daughter.

As with all things, it's what you do with it that counts.


teacher said...

It's never too late, son.

kava said...

You will do well yet -s-.

Stan E Slavski said...

Acting is believing.

Mike H said...

I intend to fashion believability with my work, and very soon.