Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yep. It's a part of me.

I sing. And I will be doing some album work in the future.

Culturally, singing has been with us since, well, before 'recorded history'.

And music, whether beating two sticks together, on up to the kaleidoscope of symphonies, bands, groups and solos, will always be with us. It sings in the blood and keeps us going.

Musical notes correlate with numbers in math. I believe the very Creation sings in its own way. There is such symmetry, such rhythmic pulse, that it's obvious to me there is a Creator.

As a medium, music can affect us in so many ways.

It can incite, excite, soothe, focus, just name it.

Songs of all kinds frequently run through my head. I never have a dull moment lol.

I've mentioned music before and will again. For anyone interested, when I do some album work, I'll have a web page by then and will let people know about it.

My thought as always re music is to take time and enjoy and be inspired from the vast array available.

The most important music?

Freedom singing in our hearts!

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