Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kids' Ransom

It is criminal how the state holds the fate and relationships of parents and children in their cold dark hands.

It's the bottom line, not what happens to the people that counts to these gods in black robes and their suited minions.

The state has quite a racket and garners a nice percentage of the take.

Should parents take care of their kids after a split? Yes. There should be an effort to be sure that kids have what they need. But it must be done with all in mind. Too often the aforesaid bottom line chokes the life out of relationships, not to mention the tricks of the spiteful exspouse who smears the other parent to 'get back at him/her'.

With the current system, there is no excuse for noncompliance.

My oldest daughter and I are victims of this cold machine.

Just to clarify, the following re my first ex is my opinion (backed by actual proof) so let the chips fall where they may.

After a few years of serial infidelity and raising my daughter alone for about a year, we served papers on one another.

I tried to have the evidence introduced in court that she had on several occasions, cheated on me, while I stayed home with our daughter. This led to her taking off for about a year, leaving sole care of my girl to me.

The god in black robe refused to allow it and stated that the best interest of the child was for her to be with the mother. Common then and still a problem now. Not as much thanks to the efforts of noncustodial parents rights groups.

My daughter was taken from me and I was assigned so much to pay for the privilege of staying in the picture. It was like a ransom for the love of my girl.

Of course, under the circumstances, I sought to do the 'right thing' and pay.

Visitation was spotty as is the case so often.

And my daughter was brainwashed. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as 'parental alienation syndrome'.

I remember at one of several hearings to increase my payments (with the implied threat of jail for noncompliance), my lawyer (a grreat guy btw-kept me out of jail when I did fall behind), he commented, after meeting my oldest that she 'had been turned upside down'. She did indeed display characteristics of brainwashing. The lackadaisical attitude was one and the 'one track mnindset' was another.

It was heartbreaking and tumultuous for this loving Dad to be treated so criminally.

And worse, for a once loving daughter to be turned into a contempt filled liberal. Yep, she had told me of her support for much of the drivel we are fighting to remove.

The increasing power of the state over our lives makes for a system that does not care save for what the state wants, not the people. This was a case in point. There are many examples of noncustodial parents getting shafted by the courts and the ex.

So called 'women's lib' a purely socialist invention is to blame as well.

Men and women can do many things together and what they can't do they compliment each other in the doing.

But the collectivists want an equality that divests us of recognizing difference except for the equally socialist 'diversity' so that instead of coming together, we stay apart, thus more easily ruled.

Let's seek to do away with this horrible system.


Just as we are Restoring the Republic, so be it with this part of the Restoration.

It is another bit that we will take apart and replace with justice.


teacher said...

Hope she comes back to you yet.

Mike H said...

I hope so too.

She's missing out on some great times with her half siblings and vice versa.

dad2 said...

State sanctioned extortion.

exassin said...

Many lies can be told as to character.