Saturday, May 1, 2010


The word reminds me of that part of the Magnificent Seven where Chico, the hispanic kid who joined the 7 penetrates the camp of Calveras the bandit who is tyrannizing the village the 7 have decided to not just defend, but teach the villagers to defend themselves.

Chico snatches a sombrero and ambles into the bandito camp. He overhears some of Calveras' plans and how many of his thugs have been killed. He even lights a cigar for Calveras!

This is essential to gather info/intel on the enemy.

Now, I don't know anybody gathering info in the collectivist camp and don't want to. They are easy to watch and evaluate, what with their big mouths and leftie bragging 'rights'.

But there is a need to know.

It is part of the 'great game' as the Brits called the gathering of intel especially in the mideast/India.

It is part of an invisible war which can only be won if some pretend to be the enemy while they gather info that cannot be gotten any other way.

The fifth column is not a bad term. It refers to an enemy within an org or nation that works against it.

Of course the commies have long used this to destroy opposition, including here in the US.

So, it is imperative we give ourselves the advantage by acting covertly and collecting intel.

It is only bad if it is bad as it were.

Therm 5th column has a negative connotation especially in reference to commie activity in the US.

But, that is just the point.

We must know our enemy.

One of the best ways is to get information from within, like the proverbial 'source that cannot be named'.

We should remember what and for whom we are fighting.

If we do so, and our intentions are for the right, then being undercover is actually exposing the enemy.

As said before, they do a good job of that themselves.

But counterintellignece is just that.

It is part of reconstructing as the enemy has deconstructed

It takes a particular kind of guts to do so.

To seem to be the enemy can grind one down.

But it's worth it and anyone who does so should be honored just as much as those who stand up militarily or politically and oppose those who are destroying the Republic.

It's a tradition that Ben Franklin would hail.

He certainly could have been our first 'secret agent' as he went about his diplomatic work and smiled as he disseminated those who would destroy the young Republic.

So, I salute and thank those who have that kind of resolve, to the end that instead of the Constitutional Republic falling it is the socialist web that undermines us that falls.

Sometimes with a smile -s-.

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